Parabolic Mirror

Typically, the three-dimensional form is that of a paraboloid, but there are also parabolic mirrors for sale which are curved in only one direction and therefore focus light only in that direction (similar to cylindrical lenses). Our company as one of parabolic mirror suppliersprovides large and small parabolic mirror of high quality.

Parabolic Mirror Specifications

Metallic Coating

Unprotected Gold

Reflectance (Average)

>97% from 800 nm to 20 µm

Off-Axis Angle


Clear Aperture

>90% of Diameter

Surface Roughness (RMS)

< 100 Å

Surface Quality

40-20 Scratch-Dig

Parent Focal Length Tolerance


Reflected Focal Length Tolerance




Manufacturing Process

Diamond Turned

Parabolic Mirror Uses

Usually, people use the paraboloidal mirror when the beam needs to be strictly focused and collimated, or collimate the strictly focused beam, and the beam divergence is very strong at the focus. For example, this is necessary for high-order harmonic generation, laser material processing, waveguide free supercontinuum generation (requiring extreme optical intensity) and fluorescence microscopy. In this application, off-axis paraboloid mirror is often required.

In other cases, the beam divergence is small, but the mirror must be used away from the center. For example, the pump radiation in a thin disk laser is often redirected with a parabolic mirror and a prism reflector. In addition, paraboloidal mirrors are often used in telescopes, laser scanning systems, spectrometers and lighting.

However, in most cases, laser mirrors can be used to focus the laser beam, because the beam divergence involved is moderate.

Some parabolic mirror uses are provided in extreme spectral regions, for example, in the optical fields of infrared optics, ultraviolet optics and even x-ray lasers.

All kinds of applications need paraboloid mirrors as customized optical devices. Because paraboloid mirrors have more basic equipment parameters than ordinary spherical mirrors, it is difficult to obtain satisfactory mirrors in all aspects from stock. In addition to the characteristics of the reflecting surface, the geometry of the substrate is also important.

Paraboloidal Mirror FAQs


Why Are Parabolic Mirrors Used In Telescope?


Reflecting telescope usually uses a parabolic mirror because a parabola will focus all on axis light rays at the same point. The result is a higher quality image than the more easily made spherical mirror. An easier to make spherical mirror will focus light rays arriving at different distances from the central axis at slightly different focal lengths, resulting in a blurred image.


What Is Parabolic Mirror?


How To Make A Parabolic Mirror?


How Do Parabolic Mirrors Work?

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