Plastic Bottle Preformsis generally referred to PET preform, which is produced by means of injection to blow different pet bottles by heating to about 80 degree centigrade, and also can add color clip to blow colored bottles.

Products Description

The advantage of pet preform is: small investment in equipments, small minimum order quantity, fast changing of mold during production. While the disadvantage is: the thickness of bottle blow would be different because of uneven heating.

The available screw sizes of our pet bottles are:18/410, 20/410, 22/410, 24/410, 28/410, 32/410, 36/410, 40/410. While for pet jars we also have other screw sizes: 69/410, 87/410, 79/410, 90/410.

As one of plastic preform manufacturers, we have types of plastic bottle preformsfor sale, anything you need, please leave us a message.

As one of perfume packaging manufacturers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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