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About of Label Feeder Machine

Tronstol SMT Label Feeder For Tronstol A1 Pick and Place Machine

The easiest and cheapest way of marking a product automatically is the application of a label with a label feeder. The feeder can be integrated in the automatic pick and place machine and the label will be simply placed like a standard component – precisely and in line speed.

Features of Label Feeder

Cost-effective. Label and laser cells need a relatively high investment, and, one disadvantage of a laser cell is that not all products can be lasered. Manual application of labels is not possible for high-volume productions and even for small companies. Manual placement is quite cost-intensive. Tronstol label feeder can save the manual placement cost and time. And it has a favorable price.

Easy to install and operate. It only takes one minute to installation to the pick and place machine. The feeder can be integrated with the pick and place machine and the label will be simply placed like a standard component – precisely and inline speed.

High-precision.It can feed labels down to 3*3mm and its accuracy deviation is within 0.2mm.

Specification of Label Feeder

Product Parameter




Applicable Materials Parameter

Tape width

≤70mm(other sizes can be customized)

Tape thickness

  1. (optimum)

Tape material

PET plastic film,bag release paper, etc.

Label type

Roll materials such as label paper, protective film, and foam

Label size

Between 3mm and tape width

Label height


Inner diameter of tray

Standard 10CM(other sizes can be customized)

Tray load


Function Parameter

Feeding method

Tear off the label and pick up

Stripping method

By tripping knife stripping (knife size can be customized)


Fiber optic sensor + amplifier

Feeding platform

Teflon material or non-stick spray treatment

Install method

Straight-through feeding

Fixed way

Rear suspension of material tray + magnetic cover of discharge position

Control method

1 inch LCD screen + buttons

Communication method

No communication automatic control feeding method (support 232 protocol communication expansion)

Drive method

Stepper motor

Electric mechanism

Type 42 feeding motor


X direction ±0.2mm Y direction ±0.2mm

Transport speed

10 levels adjustable

Software control

Based on ARM (STM32)

Operating Voltage


Error prevention mechanism

Press button to pause or automatically judge to deal with fiber failure without stopping failure

Single feeding quantity

Single row and multiple columns, support more column expansion

PnP machine connection

External power supply without PnP machine connection interface (can be customized as required)

Feeding position adjustment

X direction magnetic cover sheet limit + Y direction software adjustment + Z direction mechanical adjustment

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