ABS Plastic Parts

Abs plastic part is a kind of "tough, hard, and rigid" material with easily available raw materials, good comprehensive performance, low price, and a wide range of uses. ABS plastic has been widely used in machinery, electrical, textile, automobile, aircraft, ship, and other manufacturing industries and chemicals.

As one of abs plastic block suppliers, we provide abs plastic car parts, including abs plastic body, abs plastic automotive parts, abs plastic plate, shaping abs plastic, abs plastic housing and abs plastic block. If the ABS is mixed with the other additives, there will exist different abs moulded plastic material properties like resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, transparent, reinforced, electroplating, etc. Our technicians have many years of experience and knowledge in machine exceptional quality plastic precision parts.

Forlong, which is one of cnc machining parts manufacturers, is specialized in CNC parts manufacturing. Further details can be achieved by contacting us.

Advantage of ABS parts

Easy machinability

Good bonding and weldability

Perfect dimensional stability

Chemical resistance, mechanical toughness

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Forlong Precision Machining is a professional cnc machining materials supplier, we provide oem cnc machining parts, custom cnc machining, cnc precision componentsts, cnc plastic materialand etc. Contact us to know more.

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