Acid solution filling machine

Acid-base filling machine _ acid solution filling machine

This machine is a special filling machine specially designed for hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. 90% of the materials used are corrosion-resistant materials. This machine has excellent anti-corrosion performance, professional anti-corrosion design, and the control box is separated from the main machine, which makes the electrical appliances feel the influence of air corrosion.

The filling head materials used are anticorrosive materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene and fluororubber. All the accessories used are imported, and the electric intelligent module PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, etc. all use the Siemens series of Germany. The pneumatic solenoid valve is EMC series, and the valve is PVDF imported from America. Basic acid and alkali resistant filling line can be used for filling corrosive paste and liquid, and it is suitable for users who frequently replace materials and require cleaning. The whole line can finish filling, capping and screwing, sealing with aluminum foil, labeling and other processes.
It can be equipped with electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, automatic plane labeling machine, etc.
Automatic filling equipment, automatic filling machine manufacturer, dry powder mortar packaging machine, ton bag packaging machine.
Scope is suitable for filling liquid and fluid for daily necessities, washing products, cosmetics and special operations. Washing products: hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, collar cleaner, washing agent,
Technical parameters: filling volume: 100-1000ml; filling accuracy: 1%; output value: 30-100 bottles/min in two lanes (depending on the size of materials and bottles); 20-80 bottles/min per bottle (depending on materials and bottle sizes) Total length of equipment: about 14m zui High power: less than or equal to 8KW Operating voltage: 220/380V 50/60HZ Principle features
A. The filling machine is improved and planned on the basis of referring to foreign similar products, and some additional functions are added.
B, make the products more simple and convenient in operation, accuracy error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on.
C. The machine is compact and reasonable in planning, concise and beautiful in appearance, and convenient in filling quantity scheduling.
D, The machine has six filling heads, which are driven by six cylinders, filling materials more quickly and accurately.
E. Pneumatic components from FESTO in Germany and AirTac in Taiwan Province and electric control components from Delta in Taiwan Province are selected, with stable performance.
F. Material touch parts are made of 316L stainless steel.
G. The filling machine uses Korean optical equipment, Taiwan Province PLC, touch screen, frequency converter and French electrical components.
H convenient scheduling, no bottle, no filling, accurate filling quantity and counting function.
I, select the filling stopper that prevents dripping and drawing, the filling lifting system of anti-foaming products, the positioning system that ensures the positioning of bottle mouth and the liquid level control system.
J, the primary power of this machine is the air source, and customers need to bring their own air compressor equipment;

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