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Hunan PETO Biotechnology Co., Ltd., one of the biggest manufacturers of making pets food and cheap pet and feed supplies wholesale and in bulk. As one of the pet food suppliers and pet accessories wholesale chinacompanies in China, we can supply a one-stop OEM/ODM service for pets food and natural pet supply. We are committed to supplying natural, nutritious, well taste and high quality petgoodfood, we also can supply high-quality pet toys and other pet merchandise for your loving Pets, it is the maker of your beautiful, healthy and happy pets, let them have a happy day. Loving life and loving your pets.

PETO Pet Goods Wholesale

Pet Food & Treats

We are a professional raw pet foodcompany and supplier in China offering a series of natural and organic pet food, pet snacks, which take strictest quality standard and our raw material is human grade, Grain-Free, Soft, and Chewy are healthy for your loving pets

Freeze-Dried Raw

Pet Food Series

Freeze-Dried Pet Seafood Series

Freeze-Dried Pet Treats Series

Mixed Pet Treats Series

Oven Baked Pet Food Series

Freeze Dried Raw Meat

Pet Supplies

Factory direct supply pet store/shop supplies of cleaning, feeding, toys for pets. The best you can do for your loving pets with a pleasure time!

Pet Cleaning Supplies

Pet Feeding Supplies

Pet Toys

Other Pet Supplies

Dog Chews

Dog Chew is a type of snack specially designed for dogs.This kind of pet snack is pretty important for dog's health. Dog chews helps the jaws and teeth of dogs to keep clean and strong.

Expanded Series

Knotted Series

Meat And Skin

Mixed Series

Meat-winding Series

Particulate Product Series

Pressed Series

Scroll Series

FAQs of PETO Pet Accessories Wholesale China

Our company is located in Hunan China and we are one of the biggest factories in China.

We can supply a series of pet feed, such as freeze dried raw dog treats and other low-temperature oven baked food series.

Sample delivery time is 2-7 days.

MOQ is 10 kg for each product.

Mass production time: 7-15days. It depends on order quantity.

We accept Paypal, TT, Alipay, Western Union, Xtransfer and so on.

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