Siphon Feed Spray Gun

Overview of Siphon Spray Gun

The siphon paint gunhas the paint located directly behind the nozzle and uses airflow to draw the paint upward and cause a paint mist by pressure at the nozzle when spraying. Using asiphon spray gunis more stable to facilitate paint filling or color change, but it is difficult to spray horizontal surfaces. Changes in viscosity can lead to changes in discharge, and the paint can is heavy, so the operator is easily fatigued.

As a siphon feedairbrush factory, ZEGO provides high quality siphon spray guns and air siphon spray gun kit, suitable for thinner special coatings. Our air siphon spray gunare intuitive, traditional design, and they are best siphon feed spray gun which are easy to spray. Professional advice and good service. RFQ today!

Advantages of Siphon Spray gun

Siphon Spray gun is suitable for thinner and specialized coating, which can be matched with metal paint and pigments to achieve good spray results. When you need to create a special coating of spatter effect, syphon feed spray gunis the best choice. The design of the siphon spray gun is more intuitive and traditional, which makes the spraying process more convenient.

The siphon portable spray gunis to use paint placed in a higher position than the gun to create a liquid pressure, making it easier for the liquid to flow into the siphon spray gun and spray smoothly.

Feeding Principle of Air Siphon Spray gun and Characteristics

Feeding principle of air siphon spray gun:

Air siphon spray gun feeding is to use the process of gas flow, which will produce negative pressure, and the faster the flow rate, the more pressure reduction, relying on the high speed flow of air in the air siphon spray gun to stay at the nozzle and to generate negative pressure. The paint from the paint cup is located below the air siphon spray gun and atomized.

Characteristics of Air Siphon Spray Gun:

The air siphon spray gun is a type of air atomizing gun, which is a more precisely external mixing air gun. It is composed of a spray gun and a siphon paint cup attached to the underside of the gun. The air siphon spray gun has an externally mixed air nozzle, which ejects a hollow column of air. During operation, it can create a vacuum around the paint nozzle and thus draw the paint up from the air siphon spray gun cup.

Since the weight of the air siphon spray gun and the paint can are borne by the operator with one hand during the spraying operation, the worker can be very fatigued when doing the spraying workd for a long time. Therefore, the weight of paint is limited by the operating requirements. The capacity of the paint cup is generally small, so air siphon spray gun is suitable for small batches of spraying.

A Brief History of Siphon Paint Sprayer

In the auto repair industry, conventional feed guns were widely used in auto body repair. Then with the development of HVLP car painting, most of the conventional feed paint guns in the market turned into siphon paint sprayers to improve work efficiency.

What is the difference between siphon spray gun and gravity feed gun?

The siphon spray gun uses the principle that negative pressure is generated during the flow of gas, and the faster the flow rate, the more the pressure is reduced. Gravity feed gun paints by its own gravity and the negative pressure formed at the front of the paint nozzle, and mixed with air atomization of a spray gun. The paint can is located in the upper part of the spray gun.

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