Dry storage cabinethas developped different series of dry cabinets to meet for different products store, miniature devices, pharmaceutical substance, battery, crystal, optical lens, scientific instruments, biotic specimens.

Different humidity range of desiccant storage cabinetsfor different level of components:1-50%RH(adjustable)series,15-50%RH(adjustable)series,<5%RH(Auto)series,<1%RH(Auto)series,40-60℃(adjustable)<1%RH series;

N2 cabinet ,Dry air cabinet, Dessicant dry cabinet or N2 cabinet combine with dessicant dry cabinet for those who have high requirement for humidity recovery;

ESD,Stainless steel dry cabinet for cleanroom use;

Slide drawer for Reel/PCB/IC/BGA/SMD components store;

Even above could not satisfy you, you could contact us for customized dry cabinet according to your need.


Short Recovery time

Coming down to <1%RH within 30 mins after the door open for 30 seconds and closed.

Energy Saving

40%-60% nitrogen could be saved by using our QDN.

Central Monitor

Sensor look software and humidity manager could be provided if you are in need.

Kunshan Gaoqiang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional and one of the leading digital hygrometer manufacturers, we provide desiccant dry cabinet, humidity controlled storage cabinet, humidity storage cabinet, drying cabinet for sale, dry box cabinetetc. Want to know drying cabinet priceor more, please contact us.

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