Runflat Tyre

For new run flat tyres, the unique structure of the sidewall entails the tyres to become heat resistant, which aims to minimize the risk of blowout of the tyres and is environmentally friendly.

Even under the condition of zero pressure, the enhanced tire bead can ensure the safe match of the rim and tyre, the special materials of the tyre bead can minimize the heat of the low profile run flat tyres.

4 run flat tires have specific speed and driving distance (refers to the vehicle can be driven for 80km at a speed of 80km/h or less when tire pressure is reduced to 0 kpa), the driver can continue their trip or next maintenance site and despite the trouble to change the tire by itself, this means the driver can complete what they what to achieved during the flat run flat tyre has no pressure in it.

Run flat tyre is commonly known as "explosion-proof tires". It is actually a misunderstanding. Looking the appearance of run flat tyre, it's completely the same as ordinary tyres, and they also have tread patterns, size parameters, tire pressure standards, inspection labels and other necessary tire elements. Because the run flat tires have a much lower puncture rate than ordinary tyres, and the misleading propaganda of some businesses, everyone associates the flat tires with "explosion-proof".Not all models can use this tyre. Ordinary tyres will be severely deformed when they are out of air due to the thin sidewalls. With supporting function, the sidewall of the run flat tyre is thicker and can continue to support. Take the run flat tyres equipped by BMW as an example. In the case of a run flat tyre or a puncture, the vehicle can still travel 250 kilometers at a speed of 80km/h. This distance allows the vehicle to be supported to the repair shop. At present, there are two main types of run flat tyres: self-supporting and auxiliary support. Self-supporting tyres have harder and stronger rubber, which can temporarily carry the weight of the vehicle under lower tyre pressure. If you buy self-supporting tyres, you will also need a tyre pressure monitoring system, because you need to keep the tyres out of pressure. The auxiliary support tyres are made of relatively tough rubber, and are connected to a special rim, in which there is a steel support ring, which is mounted to the wheel and can support the weight of the vehicle.

If you want to buy cheap run flat tyres/tires, autogreen has 15-24 inch budget run flat tires/tyres for sale with affordable prices.

SuperSport Chaser-SSC5 RFT

Reduced danger and hassle.Drive after a loss of some or all inflation pressure for up to 80km at maximum speed up to 80km/h. Compatible with standard wheel rims. No need for a spare tyre.

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