N-Cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid is a useful research chemical. CAPS is a buffer solution that can be used as a biological buffer, used in biochemical diagnostic kits, DNA/RNA extraction kits and PCR diagnostic kits, as well as in enzymatic chemistry and HPLC separation of alkaline drugs.

N-Cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic Acid Caps In Detail
CAPS is soluble in water, the pH buffer range is 8.9-10.3, the PKA value is 9.6 below 25°C, and the CAPS number is cas 1135 40 6 . CAPS has a wide range of applications, including DNA/RNA extraction kits, PCR diagnostic kits, biochemical diagnostic kits, manufacturing welding materials, air conditioning equipment, manufacturing metal lithium, new coatings, and new industrial materials.

The Advantages of Desheng in N-Cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic Acid:
It has high solubility in water, does not participate in biochemical reactions, and does not interfere with biochemical reactions. Desheng has high production purity and mature and stable processes;

Desheng is a direct manufacturer of biological buffer raw materials. It has long-term stock in stock, can be delivered immediately and can meet the needs of large goods, and has stable pKa (6~8), stable proton release ability, ion concentration, solution Composition and temperature have little effect;

Desheng produces various biological buffers to meet various needs, with low cell membrane permeability and difficult to penetrate biological membranes;

Application of CAPS
WB transfer buffer or transmembrane buffer, more suitable for the transfer of small molecular weight proteins to PVDF membrane or nitrocellulose membrane;

Binding buffer and eluent in cation exchange chromatography;

Capillary electrophoresis electrophoresis buffer;

Effective crystallizing solution for various proteins;

Enzyme assay buffer;

Supports alkaline phosphatase activity and inhibits the growth of Aeromonas at pH 10.5;

It is suitable for the determination of bicinchoninic acid (BCA);

As a curing agent in coatings

General Preparation Method of CAPS

Since the CAPS bufferis mainly composed of CAPS and deionized water, the pH value is adjusted with sodium hydroxide to avoid contact with air. Add deionized water to CAPS to 900ml, adjust the pH to 11.0 with 2mol/L NaOH, then dilute to 1L, and store at 4ºC. Generally, buffers with high methanol concentration have a good effect on the transfer of low molecular weight proteins, while buffers with low methanol concentration or even no methanol are beneficial to the transfer of high molecular weight proteins. The methanol concentration in buffer CAPSelectroblotting buffer ranges from 0 to 20%, so CAPS electroblotting buffer is more suitable for the transfer of low molecular weight proteins.

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