KE300-01 Series Wall-Mounted Bare Metal Inverter

According to the application characteristics of the supporting electric control cabinet, a special product is developed to enhance environmental tolerance and the protection level. Installed in the electric control cabinet can effectively avoid the secondary pollution of other equipment such as dust, moisture, oil gas, fibre and other foreign objects.


Easy to install and debug

Rugged EMC design

Adopt modular design, configuration is very flexible

The main control system uses 32-bit high-speed DSP, integrated PG-free vector control, V/f control, and torque control.

With swing frequency, fixed length/fixed diameter, crawling positioning and other functions.

Perfect protection functions: over-voltage/under-voltage protection, inverter overheat protection, ground fault protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, etc.



Technical Index



Input voltage

1AC 220V±15%,3AC 220V±15%,3AC 380V±15%,3AC 660V±15%

Input frequency



Output voltage

0~rated input voltage

Output frequency

V/f control: 0~3000Hz

Sensorless vector control: 0~300Hz



Control mode

V/f control

Sensorless vector control

Torque control

Operation command


Keypad control

Terminal control

Serial communication control

Frequency setting


Digital setting, analog setting, pulse frequency setting, serial

communication setting, multi-step speed setting & simple PLC, PID

setting, etc. These frequency settings can be combined & switched in

various modes.

Overload capacity

G model: 150% 60s, 180% 10s, 200% 3s

Starting torque

  1. ,1Hz/150% (V/f)

Speed adjustment range

1:100 (SVC),1:50(V/f)

Speed control precision


Carrier frequency

  1. ,automatically adjusted according to temperature and

load characteristics

Frequency accuracy

Digital setting: 0.01Hz

Analog setting: maximum frequency * 0.05%

Torque boost

Automatically torque boost; manually torque boost: 0.1%~30.0%

V/f curve

Three types: linear, multiple point and square type (1.2 power, 1.4

power, 1.6 power, 1.8 power, square)

Acceleration/decele ration mode

Straight line/S curve; four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time,

range: 0.1s~3600.0s

DC braking

DC braking when starting and stopping

DC braking frequency: 0.0Hz~maximum frequency, braking time:

Jog operation

Jog operation frequency: 0.0Hz~maximum frequency

Jog acceleration/deceleration time: 0.1s~3600.0s

Simple PLC & multi-step speed operation

It can realize a maximum of 16 segments speed running via the built-in

PLC or control terminal.

Built-in PID

Built-in PID control to easily realize the close loop control of the

process parameters (such as pressure, temperature, flow, etc.)

Automatic voltage regulation

Keep output voltage constant automatically when input voltage




Common DC bus

Common DC bus for several inverters, energy balanced automatically

Torque control

Torque control without PG

Torque limit

“Rooter” characteristics, limit the torque automatically and prevent

frequent over-current tripping during the running process

Wobble frequency control

Multiple triangular-wave frequency control, special for textile

Timing/length/counting control

Timing/length/counting control function

Over-voltage & over-current stall control

Limit current & voltage automatically during the running process,

prevent frequent over-current & over-voltage tripping

Fault protection function

Up to 30 fault protections including over-current, over-voltage,

under-voltage, overheating, default phase, overload, shortcut, etc., can

record the detailed running status during failure & has fault automatic

reset function



Input terminals

Programmable DI: 7 on-off inputs, 1 high-speed pulse input

2 programmable AI: AI1: 0~10V or 0/4~20mA

A12: 0~10V or 0/4~20mA

Output terminals

1 programmable open collector output: 1 analog output (open collector

output or high-speed pulse output)

2 relay output

2 analog output: 0/4~20mA or 0~10V

Communication terminals

Offer RS485 communication interface, support MODBUS-RTU

communication protocol

Human machine interface

LED display

Display frequency setting, output frequency, output voltage, output

current, etc.

Multifunction key

QUICK/JOG key, can be used as multifunction key


Ambient temperature

-10℃~40℃, derated 4% when the temperature rise by every 1℃



90%RH or less (non-condensing)


≤1000M: output rated power, >1000M: output derated

Storage temperature


Storage environment

Indoor, no direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, steam, dripping water, salt, vibration

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