3mil PTFE Cloth

3mil PTFE Cloth, glossy surface and high heat resistant

The Details of 3mil PTFE Cloth

Teflon Clothin thickness of 3mil or 0.08mm is also called PTFE coated fiberglass offers 100% non stick surface with excellent high and low temperature resistance, black PTFE cloth is also chemically inert, have outstanding tensile strength and superior electrical properties, applied a wide range of industries including packaging, printing, textile, aerospace and electronics. PTFE cloth can be cut into sheets and small rolls or die cut to different shapes to fit applications. We have 3mil in brown or black color.

The Advantages of 3mil PTFE Cloth

Nonstick and low friction surface

Extremely stable and chemical resistance

Temperature resistance from -100-500℉

High tensile strength

Dimension stable

Superior dielectric property

The Specifications of 3mil PTFE Cloth

Standard width 1000mm(39”) and 1250mm (49”)

Normal length are 30m, 33m, 50m per roll

If customer prefer to buy PTFE fabric in pieces, we have the automatic cutting machine to ensure accurate sizes such as 300mm x 400mm, 400mm x 600mm

The Applications of 3mil PTFE Cloth

Electric industry - 3mil PTFE cloth in black color can be anti-static has excellent dielectric property, perfect to be used in electronic industry, we have quality cutting machine to slit the material into small rolls with accurate size and smooth edge.

Food industry - The PTFE coating is food grade without PFOA makes the material suitable to be used in food industry as baking liner. 5mil PTFE coated fabric is much more durable than traditional disposable baking sheet, it is reusable and nonstick, any size can be cut.

MUTIFLONis a professional seamless belts manufacturer, we provide teflon coated fabric, ptfe coated fiberglass fabric, Teflon Coated Sheetsand etc. Want to buy Fusing Machine Belt, contact us.

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