Hastelloy Ball Valves

Hastelloy Ball Valves

Hastelloy ball valvescontain ultra-low carbon and high Ni, Mo and Cr elements, which belong to corrosion-resistant and high temperature-resistant materials. Hastelloy ball valve is well known for good machinability, although the alloy work hardens as is true of the nickel base alloys in general. We manufacture hastelloy ball valves in various rating and dimension, according to your specifications.

Corrosion Resistance Characteristics of Hastelloy Ball Valves

Flow resistance is small, the hand ball valve is the smallest of all valves, even if the reduced bore ball valve, its fluid resistance is quite small.

Good sealing performance. The hand operated valve seat is generally made of PTFE and other elastic materials, easy to ensure that the seal, and the sealing force of the ball valve increase with the increase in media pressure.

The valve stem seal is reliable. When the ball valve opens and closes, the stem only makes a 90° rotation movement, so the packing seal of the stem is not easy to be destroyed, and the sealing force of the inverted seal of the stem increases with the increase in media pressure.

The opening and closing of these types of industrial valve only do 90 ° rotation, so it is easy to achieve automatic control and remote control, the ball valve can be equipped with electric devices, pneumatic devices, hydraulic devices, etc.

Application of Hastelloy Ball Valves

Petroleum chemical industry.

Inorganic, organic, and mixed Acids.

Industries requiring high thermal stability and process-ability, such as agriculture, nuclear facilities, bio-pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Seawater desalination.

Pulp and paper.

Aerospace industry.

Operation of Hastelloy Ball Valves

It is necessary to find out that the upstream and downstream pipelines of the Hastelloy ball valves have indeed relieved the pressure before the disassembling operation can be carried out.

The bolts on the flange must be tightened symmetrically and gradually during assembly.

When the Hastelloy ball valves are disassembled and reassembled, care must be taken to prevent damage to the sealing surface of the parts.

New parts of the Hastelloy ball valves also need to be cleaned before assembling.

Metal chips, fibers, grease (except those specified for use), dust, other impurities, foreign objects, etc., should not be allowed to contaminate, adhere or stay on the surface of the parts or enter the cavity during assembly.

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