HUD PGU (Picture Generation Unit): As a module for providing raw imaging, it is an important projection engine unit for heads up display unit.

With mass HUD PGU production experience, Sunny Automotive is the global leading optical solution provider of hud unit for car system for car and can provide different PGU solutions(TFT solution, DLP solution, MEMS solution) and core optical

components(such as HUD projection unitlens, microlens array, collimating lens, etc.).

HUD PGU Keeps Safe Driving Without Bowing Head

Perfectly match different HUD PGU solutions (CHUD, WHUD, ARHUD) and display speed, navigation, lane, warning, and other information in front of the drivers, and drivers can see the information without turning their heads or bowing their head to make driving safer.

Navigation guidance (go straight, turn, etc.)

Lane change reminder (lane change guidance)

Traffic information reminder (such as road conditions, speed limits, etc.)

Safety assistance (such as automatic warning by tracking vehicles, road objects, and other targets)

Five Features of HUD PGU Make a Better Experience

High brightness, less power TFT solution: Sunny Automotive TFT PGU improves the light efficiency and effectively alleviates the heat dissipation pressure caused by high brightness.

Simulating analysis & thermal analysis.

Automotive quality assurance: stable imaging within the temperature range of automotive standard

High precision optical parts process.

Excellent performance and low cost DLP solution: Sunny Automotive DLP PGU increases brightness and reduces costs by mass production technology.

As one of automotive lens manufacturers, we have types of projection lensfor sale, anything you need, please leave us a message.

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