Supercapacitors for Smart Water Meter

Conventional smart water meters use a built-in lithium ion ultracapacitorbattery when controlling the opening or closing of the water valve. After the lithium water meter batteryhas been used for a certain period of time, it cannot supply energy to the control circuit and has to replace the battery. It is a cumbersome thing for the manufacturer to replace the battery or water meter for the user.More dangerously, the situation of insufficient battery power is random. If the battery is not accurately and timely detected, the water valve will not be reliably shut down, resulting in the inability to bill. This is a fatal shortcoming of a smart meter with a lithium battery inside, which directly affects its promotion and use.

At present, the use of supercapacitors instead of lithium batteries for smart water meters is a very popular choice. A supercapacitor is a passive device that is interposed between a battery and a common capacitor. It has a large current and fast charge and discharge characteristics of the capacitor. It also has the energy storage characteristics of the battery and has a long service life.

Supercapacitors are compared to batteries and have the following distinct features:

2, long life, charge and discharge more than 500,000 times, is 500 times that of lithium-ion batteries, 1000 times that of nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries, if the super capacitor is charged and discharged 20 times a day, continuous use can reach 68 years;

4, small size, compact shape, easy to install, save space, maintenance-free, sealable;

5, can be stored in a fully discharged state, and excessive discharge is harmful to many rechargeable batteries;

6, the use of safe, convenient, green and environmentally friendly to the environment.

The advantages of using supercapacitors for water meters

As a supercapacitormanufacturer, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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