Custom LCD Digital Signage

With the development of the lcd advertising display monitorindustry, the actual operation of LCD displays is convenient and fast and is widely loved by everyone. However, with the changes in sales market demand and the humanized needs of shopping mall customers, more and more customers need customized demands. There are many types of LCD custom digital signage. It’s necessary to recommend easy-to-operate and attractive products, based on the design and actual situation of LCD digital signage customfor you. Generally, it starts with product appearance, size, logo, configuration function and color. From design, development, production to delivery, our professional team will provide you with a complete set of service processes one-on-one.

Types of Custom LCD Digital Signage

Outdoor Portable Battery Powered Screen

It can reach at least 12 hours battery life and the brightness is 1500nits, the waterproof level can up to IP65, it's convenient for outdoor applications.

Ultra-thin Double-Sided Screen

Ultra thin double-sided screen, you can choose to display synchronously or asynchronously, and present videos or pictures with different effects at the same time. The appearance of the product is super thin and fashionable.

Stretched Bar LCD Digital Sigange

Using stretched bar screen to promote each product more intuitively, can play a point-to-point publicity role, can be customized in various sizes, and can be used in application scenarios.

Supermarket Shelf Screen

There are display ratios with all kinds of aspect ratios and dimensions. Attractive shelf LCD screen ideal for a variety of supermarket shelf digital signage applications and embedded installation.

Picture Frame Screen

The picture frame advertising display gives people a picturesque publicity effect, which is novel and not lacking in taste and boring.

Elevator Screen

Elevator displays can easily and conveniently share important advertising information. Using digital information displays coupled with lighting effects can create just the right ambience.

The Benefits of Custom Products


Product personalization and customization can increase the selling point of the product, make the product stand out, and enhance the competitiveness of the product and the enterprise.

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