Outdoor Lighting Accessories

When customer use or install the outdoor lighting, they usually will need the following outdoor lighting accessories: stakes, light mount(3 holes light mount), risers, etc, for the stake, we can provide brass material stake and plastic material stake, As one of the custom outdoor lighting parts suppliers, we can provide big size stake and small size stake, we can also provide split stake or non-split stake. Regarding the risers, we can provide several different sizes (length) or rises for customer's chosen. The outdoor lighting parts & accessories are very important to the quality of outdoor lights. Therefore, we are committed to supplying different kinds of exterior lighting accessories, including landscape lighting accessories, post light accessories, garden light accessories and outdoor lamp post accessories. There are many outdoor lamp replacement parts for you to choose from, like replacement parts for landscape lighting and replacement parts for outdoor lights.

Types Of Outdoor Lighting Parts & Accessories


To meet different customer's requests, we designed several sizes of risers for a better market, all of them are using brass materials to give better quality support.

Ground Stake

Features of Ground Stake· Pound stake into the ground before affixing the fixture. The large groove slit enables you to insert wire and affix fixture after the stake is already in the ground!


Features of Mount1. Solid Cast Brass Construction2. Bronze finish3. Finish beautifully matches Outdoor Lights Pro fixtures4. Small side cut out allows for fixture cable to exit5.

Eagle Hardscape Flood Light Fixture

The hardscape light can be used as a flood light. Put the lead wire through the fixture and then insert the light body into the eagle flood light fixture without using any screws. The fixture adopts 2 stainless steel pins. easy to replace by pulling out the light. The entire body full glue injects to ensure waterproof and dustproof, protect insects get inside.

Wire Nut

Features of Wire Nut· They allow you to connect and twist together 2 wires of various sizes for a safety wire end termination.

Landscape Lighting Accessories FAQs

Does outdoor lights require maintenance?

Just like any garden structure, maintenance is required periodically. Common maintenance activities include: ensuring yard debris around your decorative commercial outdoor lighting fixtures are cleared, replacing lamps when needed, wire repair or replacement if nicked, and/or adding fixtures to the system (which may require landscape contractor assistance.

What is a light riser?

Made out of weathered brass or copper, a light riser is a stem that can increase the height of a fixture.

Usage Warning of Replacement Parts for Outdoor Lights

Your lights and their accessories are not toys. Do not allow small children to play with them because children could hurt themselves or others or damage your lights. Keep your lights and all their parts and accessories out of the reach of small children.

As one of wholesale outdoor lighting suppliers, we can offer different kinds of related products for sale, anything you need, please contact us.

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