HighDEX™ Ultra3.0 Glucoamylase

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HighDEX™ Ultra3.0 Glucoamylase is developed for the customers with high requirements on saccharification and can achieve expectant DX value fast. HighDEX™ Ultra3.0 Glucoamylase is a kind of mixture with glucoamylase and pullulanase in proper proportion. The high-activity glucoamylase is derived from Aspergillus niger who can hydrolyze α-1,4-glucosidic bonds fast. It also has the ability, in a manner, to hydrolyze α-1,6-glucosidic bonds. The pullulanase with high heat and wide pH stability derived from Bacillus subtilis, who can efficiently hydrolyze α-1,6-glucosidic bonds to produce straight-chain dextrin quickly. With the help of HighDEX™ Ultra3.0 Glucoamylase, users can achieve high DX value after saccharification with almost no transglycosylation effect.

An innovative cost-effective compound enzyme from Bestzymeensuring higher dextrose level in starch & sweetener industry.

HighDEX® Ultra 3.0 is developed for the customers with high requirements on saccharification and can achieve expectant DX value fast.

Benefits of HighDEX™ Ultra3.0 Glucoamylase

It is a kind of mixture with glucoamylase and pullulanase in proper proportion. It is widely utilized in saccharification and can achieve high DX value with almost no transglycosylation effect which brings economic benefits to starch & sweetener producers.

The DX value of saccharification would be higher than 96%.

Wide pH stability, flexibility in process control.

Saccharification can be processed in higher temperature and drier substance concentrations.

Lower reverse reaction rate.

HighDEX® Ultra 3.0 turns liquefied starch or dextrin into high purity glucose through the synergistic effect of glucoamylase and pullulanase. The applying effect depends on processing temperature, pH, time and the quantity of dry substrate, etc.

Achieve high dextrose level.

HighDEX® Ultra 3.0 convert the dextrin into glucose very fast with no reverse reaction rate to achieve higher dextrose level in shorter time compared to the main competitor in saccharification.

Excellent performance at higher dry substance.

Smoothly running of saccharification with high dextrose target and high dry substance is a great challenge for most starch & sweetener producers and HighDEX® Ultra 3.0 provides an ideal solution for them. Base on the comparison data we can find the breakthrough of peak dextrose level using HighDEX® Ultra 3.0. It can not only increase the dextrose conversion rate but also maintain steady performance even with higher dry solids. In other words, it help to increase production efficiency and reduce energy cost dramatically.

No transglycosylation effect during saccharification

The production strain of HighDEX® Ultra 3.0 has no gene segment of transaminase with the help of Bestzyme R&D personnel. You don’t need to worry about dextrose decreasing when prolong saccharificaiton time. Bestzyme products will show robust performance when face parameter fluctuation and adjustment to minimize the adverse effects.

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