General Purpose CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine F Structure

DK77 series cnc wire cutting machinehas non-resistors HF power with Max cutting speed higher than 300mm2/min, Max cutting thickness is higher than 1000 mm. High accuracy linear guide way, ball screw and strong machine body with good rigidity to make sure good performance of cutting accuracy. Multiple cuts capacity is standard for better surface finish requirement.

DK7732 CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=320×400mm

DK7740 CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=400×500mm

DK7750CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=500×630mm

DK7763 CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=630×800mm

DK7780 CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=800×1000mm

DK77100 CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=1000×1200mm

DK77120 CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine With X×Y=1200×1600mm

General Purpose CNC EDMWire Cut Machine F Structure Highlights:

High-speed HF power system with stable cutting speed around 170mm2/min, Max. speed around 300mm2/min, single-phase power supply, power consumption less than 1kw, it is a type of fast auto cut software cnc edmmachine. And DMNC has premium fast cut cnc wire cutting machine for you.

The machine body has been upgraded with more reinforcing ribs inside of machine bed and carriage, new designed DK77 series has a heavier machine body and better geometric accuracy.

Z axis motorized control is standard.

X and Y axis with a linear scale and digital readout.

The mechanical wire tension unit is standard.

Taiwan HIWIN linear guideway for X, Y axis, linear guideway for wire drum motion.

More accurate ball screw.

Automatic lubrication is standard.

Remote control standard die sinking edm machineworking.

±6°/80mm taper system is standard.

Sheet metal door of the working table.

Multiple cuts capacity, best surface finish ≤1.2μms.

AC servo motor control for X and Y axis available as optional.

Recycling tank with a high-pressure pump and paper filter.

General Purpose CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine F Structure Function Configuration of Controller

AutoCUT provides a complete integrated solution for the machining of CNC EDM wire erosion machines for sale. The system includes CNC EDM auto wire cutting software/AutoCUT control software runs at the platform of Windows, PCI based drive card installed on the motherboard, high stable main board of stepper motor drive or servo motor drive, and 0.5 microseconds medium speed wire cut EDM HF power board. AutoCUT software has a plug that can be installed in AutoCAD to design cutting paths and generate cutting programming directly in AutoCAD, the design makes programming more convenient and easier to learn.

AutoCUT's Main Features

It supports graphics-driven automatic programming, customers do not need to touch the code, just the graphics settings cutting technology can be cut, at the same time, it supports by other wire cutting EDM software created by the list of 3B or G code, and only need to read and the process can be cut.

The software is embedded in AutoCAD, CAXA and some other software, and the customer only needs to know AutoCAD or other design software, is easy to use and does not require special drawing training.

Several machining modes are combined for cutting (continuous, single, forward, backward, back, etc.).

The XYUV four-axis direction is adjustable, the drive motor can be set to 5-phase 10 beats or 3-phase 5 beats, and so on.

Real-time monitoring of X, Y, U.V. and cutting.

Machining preview, real-time display of the cutting process; taper processing 3D display and tracking, zoom in and out to view graphics, front view, right view, top view, etc.

The ability to cut multiple times, as well as the customer-maintained database of cutting parameters, make multiple cuts easier and more reliable.

Belt cutting using four-axis synchronization technology, can be processed up and down different shapes of cutting convenience.

The control plate drives the four-axis motion, the work is stable and reliable.

Support sandal-on-the-card work, several electric spark wire cutters can only be controlled by one computer and cut at the same time.

With automatic alarm function, you can alarm in the event of cutting complete or failure, you can set the alarm time.

Support angle removal delay, track cutting delay, so as not to cause the impact of wire deviation.

Support screw pitch compensation to improve mechanical accuracy.

The linear scale and closed scale are supported by the servo motor to improve the positioning accuracy of the machine.

Support s3 different cutting methods: ordinary high-speed wire cutting EDM processing, medium-speed EDM wire cutting for sale coding output mode and output mode.

Power-off memory function, restore power after cutting off the data backup, in the event of a short circuit re-tracking and troubleshooting.

Automatic power off after processing is complete.

Key Functions of the AutoCUT System

The use of graphics-driven technology, reduce labor, improve work efficiency, reduce the error caused by workers.

Open to various versions of Windows XP, the software is easy to learn and use.

Directly embedded in AutoCAD, CAXA and other CAD software for a smooth combination of CAC/CAM to extend the cutting range.

Taper cutting, four-axis synchronization technology 3D design and cutting trajectory, compensation wire diameter, electrode wire diameter and large tap cutting.

Support multiple control cards to work at the same time. Many CNC wire cutting EDM machines can be controlled with just one computer, which has many AutoCUt PCI cards.

It has a database of cutting parameters, which the operator can edit, and the operator can save, edit, and read cutting parameters according to different materials, different thicknesses and required cutting properties.

AutoCUT optimizes the processing of ultra-thick workpieces (up to 1000mm) cutting, making the track stable and reliable.

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