End Suction Pumps

End Suction Pumps
DIN24255 Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

All Pumps Machinery provides DIN24255 Back Pull Out Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pumps is the very common centrifugal pump arrangement with its horizontal shaft, overhung impeller and bearing arrangement with the added bonus of being space-saving for your applications.


AIX series single-stage horizontal end suction centrifugal pump is of back pull structure, with axial inlet radial to outlet. It is unnecessary to disassemble the pump body and pipeline during maintenance.

The design of this back pull end suction pump has technical advantages and can meet the needs of users in various urban water supply, fire protection, irrigation and cooling applications. All Pumps Machinery is one of the professional end suction centrifugal pump factories which can meet the various needs of customers. More information about end suction pump factories such as the end suction centrifugal pump definition or end suction pump definition(end suction pump meaning),just contact All Pumps Machinery.

Aix Series end suction pump is one of the simplest types of centrifugal pump, with motor slide and reliable back pull design, which is convenient for overhaul and maintenance. This is a precision manufactured pump suitable for electric / diesel drive. It has become the most common centrifugal pump arrangement, and its horizontal shaft, cantilever impeller and bearing arrangement save space for your application.

AIX series horizontal end-suction pump is a suspended pump designed according to EN733/DIN24255 standard. The supply end suction horizontal centrifugal pump are mainly suitable for clear water or liquid with less solids, with cooling device, and can also be used for industrial process water such as hot water, ethanol and seawater.

Three types of impellers can be selected according to different requirements: closed, semi open and open impellers.

1. Overhung and Back Pull Out Design: Convenient to maintenance, can easily pull out the rotor parts instead of disassembly suction and discharge pipe when repairing;

2. High Efficiency Power-Save: Using perfect hydraulic model design, pump get high anti-causticity, wide high efficiency area;

3. Flexible shaft seal with mechanical seal and gland packing as an option;

4. Several type materials available (cast iron, bronze, SS304/316, CD4MCU);

5.Low NPSH requirement.

WHAT IS THE difference between split case and end suction pumps
The end suction pump is actually a single stage and single suction pump. End suction centrifugal pump and split case double suction centrifugal pump are very similar, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The only one different between them is that the water inlet on the impeller side is end suction (single suction), and the water inlet on both sides is called double suction.

As one of the industrial pumps suppliers, we provide dredge pumps and slurry transport, split case vs end suction pump, vertical slurry pump,etc. For horizontal end suction water pumps quotes and what is an end suction pump, contact us.

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