China LED Edison Tubular Bulb Track Lighting

Characterized by their slender shape, LED tubular Edison bulbs are widely used for both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures: street lighting, floodlighting, warehousing, etc. Our tubular led light bulbs are rather long-lasting, providing brightness with just little energy.

LED tubular lamp, which is characterized by a strip heat dissipation shell, and along the direction of the heat dissipation shell, the LED light-emitting device is installed. Tubular lamp bulb has the advantages of long service life, energy-saving, and environmental protection. The material of the tubular led light bulb is beautiful; the shape is chic; the color is novel and beautiful.

Types of Tubular LED Light Bulbs

Specifications of tubular led filament bulbs include: T6, T8, T10, T14, etc. T stands for 'Tube', the sign is tubular; The number after the T represents the tube diameter. Each 'T' represents 1/8 of an inch or 3.175mm. In theory, the thinner the tube, the more efficient it is, meaning that the same watt produces more light.

FAQ of Lamp LED Tubular


Tubular Edison Bulbs Sizes


How to Choose LED tubular light bulbs?

Before you buy a LED tubular light bulb, you’d better know whether this tubular Edison bulb is used indoors or outdoors, how much light you need, and how many watts of CFLS you need to replace. 4W light tubular bulbs for corridor or stair is OK, and for wider place, you should choose a bit bigger wattage. Choose China LED Edison bulbwith aluminum radiator shell, and avoid choosing a plastic shell, as LED lamp beads of tubular halogen light bulbs are not temperature resistant, if there is no good heat dissipation conditions, it is difficult to ensure the life of LED tubular light bulbs.

Energy Efficient Tubular Smart Bulb Features

The tubular smart edison bulbscan be connected to a smart app, allowing users to change the color of the bulb according to their preferences, to preset the time to wake up and turn the light on, and to control the bulb using a traditional switch.

Smart LED tubular lamps can easily change the color temperature of the light to produce bright and soft light. The color of the China vintage light bulbscan also be changed arbitrarily by combining tubular led filament bulbs of different colors and adjusting their relative brightness.

The brightness and color of energy-efficient tubular smart bulbs could be controlled remotely using a or computer, and they could even be programmed to maximize energy efficiency.

As a led light manufacturing company, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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