12V180AH Heavy Duty Car Battery

Heavy Duty 12VCar Battery

Nowadays, trucks used for long-distance transportation are equipped with many comfort and accommodation functions, improving the working conditions of drivers. EXOR AGM Truck Battery series provide powerful starting performance for trucks, and also provide power for the air conditioners, microwave ovens and other electrical equipment on the vehicle during parking. This can reduce failures, thereby reducing unnecessary downtime. 12V180AH Truck Battery adopts the latest plate stamping technology, higher density, can withstand better deep cycles. It can operate reliably at -40℃-70℃, and its cycle life is increased by more than 3 times that of ordinary batteries. With a cold start performance of 1100 A (CCA) and a capacity of 180 Ah, it reliably provides enough energy for a safe cold start and all comfort and accommodation functions.

Parameters Of 12V180AH-Truck Battery

Constant voltage (V)


Constant capacity(20hr to10.5V)

180Ah @25℃ (77°F)


L506mm XW220mm X235mm


Approx 49.4Kg (108.81Ibs)

CCA (-18℃/0°F)

900A@ to 6.0V

CCA @25℃ (77°F)

1100A@25℃ (77°F)

Idle capacity (25A,10.5V)

410min @25℃ (77°F)

Operation temperature

-20℃~60℃ (-22°F~158°F)

Acceptable charging current


Recycle charging voltage

  1. ~15.0V@25℃ (77°F)

Self-discharge@25℃ (77°F)

<8% (Store for 90 days)

Case materials

High-temperature resistant pp material

Type of terminal

Tapered terminal

(Left: negative; Right: positive)

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