Food Safety Rapid Test

Frenovo provides our customers with high quality products, services and overall solutions to tackle current and emerging food safety problems, protecting our food from farm to table. Our products include rapid test kits and instruments for detection of antibiotics, aflatoxin, pesticides and other food addictive residues, serving clients all over the world in fields like dairy, meat & seafood, feed, grain and oil, food processing etc.

The Reason for Having Food Safety Rapid Test

Today, throughout the world, there are more than six billion consumers of milk and milk products. The safety of milk is, therefore, an obligation that should be taken seriously. Antibiotic residues in milk are a concern to human health as residues can promote antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria and cause allergy and hypersensitivity in human beings. They also pose a major problem to the dairy industry as antibiotic residues can inhibit or slow down starter cultures in yogurt and cheese making, possibly resulting in major losses to the dairy concerned. Bioeasy Test kits can help screen milk at the farm or before unloading the truck at the dairy. This will minimize the amounts of milk that may have to be discarded and eventually help maximize cost efficiency; all the while it is an important step in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Working as a partner with farmers and processors, Bioeasy has kept pace with the global testing requirements of the industry to ensure that milk and dairy products are among the world's safest foods!

What Is Food Safety

Food safety refers to food that is non-toxic and harmless, meets the required nutritional requirements and does not cause any acute, sub-acute or chronic harm to human health. According to Beno food safety definition, food safety is "the impact of toxic and harmful substances in food on human health of public health issues". Food safety is also an interdisciplinary field that focuses on ensuring food hygiene and food safety, reducing disease risks and preventing food poisoning in the process of food processing, storage and sales. Therefore, food safety is very important. Xi jinping delivers an important speech at the Central Conference on Rural Work in Beijing, Dec 23-24, 2013. The meeting stressed that the ability to give people a satisfactory account of food safety is a major test of governing ability.

Types of food safety rapid test

Beta-lactams Receptor Protein Test

Beta-lactams Antigen-BSA

Teteracyclin Antigen-BSA

Teteracyclin Antibody

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Goat Anti Chicken IgY

Goat anti chicken, FITC (fluorescein-5-isothiocyanate) conjugated i a secondary antibody which binds to chicken IgG (called also chicken IgY) in immunological assays. FITC has Amax = 494 nm, Emax = 518 nm. Fluor to protein ratio is 3-7 moles FITC per mole antibody. Antibodies are affinity-purified using solid-phase chicken IgY (called also chicken IgG).

Specification of Goat anti Chicken IgY



Item NO



Recommend to use for

Goat anti Chicken IgY




EIA, LF, Fluorescent


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