CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

SEALION supplies cnc horizontal boring mill for saleboth 110mm and 130mm spindle, with or without the back column. Great cost performance is the main advantage of this machine, it is always your best choice.

Features of Horizontal Boring Mill For Sale

The TPX6111/6113 horizontal milling and boring machine produced by our company Sealion boring mill manufacturers is the finishing equipment in general machines.

It has the functions of drilling, reaming, boring, milling and turning threads, and so on. In addition, there is a facing head in front of the spindle, and the slider in the facing head can move to get radial feed. Therefore, it can bore large size holes, turning circle and plane, and cutting grooves.

CNC horizontal boring and milling machineis made up of bed, A-post, headstock, longitudinal saddle, and transverse saddle, worktable, D-post, and hammer. Each part moves as the headstock moves vertically along the guide of the A-post, and the worktable can move longitudinally, transversely, and do the rotational motion. CNC horizontal boring machinefor sale, contact us for more info.

How to Use Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine

Any horizontal boring bar has three key components: spindle, anchor and blade. The anchor point is simple-it is the point where the steel bar is connected to the main body of the rolling mill. The spindle rotates under power, turning the tool and generating the force required to cut into the workpiece. The indexable insert is the retractable part of the spindle, which is used to slowly advance the tool into the workpiece.

One of the key ideas of using a boring and milling machine is the idea of overhang. The longer the index, the farther the tool is from the anchor point, and the weaker the connection. Tolerances become less stringent, cutting becomes less accurate, and the chance of failure becomes greater.

Despite the risks, hydrostatic horizontal boring machinesprovide greater flexibility for cutting larger workpieces. The operator can minimize the risk of overhang by repositioning the workpiece as needed, keeping the overhang short.

In many cases, the blade itself is a knife; it will be made of grinding or cutting materials; a popular type is a concrete cemented carbide. The size and shape of the blades also vary, so operators can use their boring machines to create different geometries and surface finishes.

Working of Horizontal Boring Machine

The horizontal boring machine remains stationary and the boring tool rotates. Use horizontal cnc boring barand tools to drill holes. When drilling, fix the boring tool on the spindle, and adjust the tool on the drill rod to the specific required size. The main factors for drilling are the required drilling length and spherical size.

Horizontal Boring Machine Parts and Functions

The bed is made of cast iron, fixed on the ground, and placed where it can support tables and pillars.

The column is also made of cast iron to provide support for the headstock that moves horizontally up and down. Lateral support columns or guide rails are placed on the bed.

The spindle box is placed on the column support, and the operating tool is fixed. The headstock moves up and down to fix the operating tool at the required working height.

The worktable is used to support the workpiece during boring operations and provides T-shaped positions for clamping different parts of the hydrostatic boring machines.

The saddle is the part that allows the work item to move in longitude motion on the bed. The saddle also controls the speed of movement by manual or motor drive.

  1. Boring Bar

Horizontal boring barare used to fix the tool, spindle and column for boring operations. Support depends on the level of drilling operation, such as hole diameter, deep hole or short deep hole.

Advantages of Horizontal Boring Mill

This series of horizontal boring mill have the following advantages :

The spindle rotation and the feed moving of the horizontal boring mill are all controlled by the hydraulic preselection, and the operation is simple and convenient. During the speed change, the indicator lights on the button plane can send out signals.

The distribution of each moving parts of the horizontal boring mill and the clamping and loosening of the moving parts are all used hydraulic automatic interlocking which has high automation.

The coordinates of the vertical movement of the headstock and the transverse movement of the worktable all have numerical display function, which improves the machining accuracy of the parts. The vertical coordinate display function of the worktable can also be provided according to the special requirements of users.

The main guides of the horizontal milling and boring machinesuch as the bed, the A-post, the saddle, all use the electric contact surface heating and self-cooling quenching, which can make the guide rail have a high hardness and prolongs the service life.

The horizontal guides of the machine are all protected by a pull plate type.

There are electrical and liquid interlocking relations between the moving parts of the horizontal boring mill. When the 2 spindle horizontal boring machineis working, only one moving motion is allowed, and the other parts are clamped automatically (except the spindle and the slide on the facing head).

The insurance combinations are arranged in the feed box and the quick box, which makes the horizontal boring mill safe when the machine is overloaded.

The programmable logic controller is adopted in the electrical control of the horizontal boring mill, so the machine’s performance is very reliable.

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