High Gel Strength Curdlan

Different gel strength affects the taste, elasticity and crispness of final products. The gel strength is enhanced with the increase in heating temperature. The thermal-irreversible gel is formed when the temperature reaches 80°C. Then increase the temperature of the curdlan gel till 130°C, the gel strength will be enhanced during the heating process. In addition, it will be enhanced with the increase in the concentration of curdlan. For high-gel strength curdlan in food, the gel strength is around 750g per square centimetre.

Key Benefits of Yiming High Gel Strength Curdlan

Easy to operate

Taste, elasticity, thermal-stability, water-holding capacity improvement

No additional additives or process required

No impact on flavour

Cut production cost by reducing raw materials

Application ofHigh Gel Strength Curdlan
Food Benefits
Wet/dry noodles Improve elasticity and taste, prevent stickiness
Aquatic products Substitute for fish meat and improve elasticity, taste and yield
Meat products Improve water retention, firmness and taste
Cooked food Improve water retention, taste and quality
Artificial meat Reproduce the taste of meat and improve heat/freezing resistance
Tofu improve heat/freezing resistance, taste and shaping
Jelly Improve elasticity and taste
Sauce Improve viscosity and quality, prevent sediment
Canned food Prevent permeation and improve quality.

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