Inflatable Boat Tarpaulin

Inflatable boat tarpaulin is used to make inflatable boat, weight from 650gsm to 1400gsm. The PVC tarpaulin inflatableis cold-resistant, mildew-proof. It is alsopuncture-resistant. Our PVC inflatable tarpaulin can be glued or welt. Compared with Hypalon material, the tarpaulin material is much cheaper.
PVC Inflatable Tarpaulin Details
Item No: Descriptions Unit Your Product Measurements:
1 Material of the Woven Fabric DIN60001 Polyester
2 Weave DIN ISO 9354 Plain
3 Count of Yarn Warp: Denier 1000
Weft: Denier 1000
4 Setting/ Number of Threads Warp: Threads/cm 28
DIN EN 1049 Weft: Threads/cm 26
5 Base Coat PVC
6 Weight of the cloth DIN EN 12127 g/m² 235
7 Total Weight DIN EN ISO-2286-2 g/m² 850
8 Tensile Strength DIN 53354 Warp: N/5cm 3500
Weft: N/5cm 3200
9 Tear Resistance DIN 53363 Warp: N 360
Weft: N 320
10 Adhesion (Coating) DIN 53357 N/5cm 150
11 Adhesion (Welding) Kg/5cm 15

PVC Inflatable Tarpaulin Features

Low distortion

Heli's inflatable boat tarpaulin chinais low distortion. For 2.18 width tarpaulin, our distortion is under 1cm.


High adhesion strength

The tear strength of our inflatable tarpaulin can reach to 150N/5CM


Cold Resistant

Heli's PVC inflatable tarpaulin is anti-cold at -40℃.

What Is Different Between PVC Material Boat And Hypalon Material Boat?

Hypalon material boat is durable and the airtightness is better, but the price is 5 times higher than PVC inflatable tarpaulin.

We can offer kinds of cheap tarps for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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