Glass noodles are a non-fried food. The eat-in mouth is soft and smooth which can better absorb the soup and enhance the taste. glass noodles taste rich, appetizing, and refreshing, easy to be made into a variety glass noodles food, not only can do the staple food can also do dishes, but also can do ingredients.

Such as glass noodles hot pot, fried glass noodles, glass noodles stew pot, glass noodles burn meat, glass noodles steamed seafood, glass noodles soup, etc. glass noodles for the main ingredients made of convenient instant glass noodles, rich categories, and aspects of the same, become second only to instant noodles instant food. It is sold in major shopping malls and chain stores. glass noodles are very healthy and nutritious. It is also a beautiful food. At the same time, its non-fried and low calorific value has become an important reason for more and more consumers to love it.

The glass noodles itself is soft and tender, which works well with other ingredients, strong with hot pot, and refreshing with cold sauce Can be presented in various forms such as filamentous, strip, block and so on. All the flavors of glass noodles food are perfectly integrated. It is soft and smooth, transparent and smooth, fresh and delicious with a long aftertaste, It will not break or break when boiled, and it is easy to taste, forming a unique good taste.

Made into a variety of hot and sour powder, snail lion powder, hot pot, such as ready-to-eat food, easy to carry and storage, is busy and leisure excellent food. Suitable for business trips, overtime, breakfast, night snack, staple food, party, home, gift and so on. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can enjoy delicious food from the food street at home, which will fully satisfy your taste buds. The powder hot and sour powder and convenient fans, boiling water bubble after a few minutes can present a delicious, zi slip a mouthful, high temperature ripening vermicelline, tender elastic slippery, soft also with the straight chuchu taste, taste buds like flowering all opened. Hot and sour powder hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, acid and oil but not greasy. The glass noodles are soft and tough, soft and strong, and crystal clear in appearance. Spicy fresh fragrance foot, rich ingredients fully mixed, both color and fragrance, is not only food but also delicious snacks.

China is a big instant noodle consumer, with 46 million packets sold every year. With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher standards of dietary requirements, and the demand for instant noodles, such as instant noodles, has dropped dramatically. With the upgrade of life level and consumption grade, the cheap popular chinese instant noodles are gradually regarded as low-level food, and the instant glass noodles choosed by people with the rich taste. Meanwhile, for health reasons, many consumers are ditching fried instant noodles for non-fried instant glass noodles. Due to its refreshing taste and rich ingredients, it is more suitable for making more food, and it is difficult for consumers who choose instant glass noodles to choose instant noodles.

It is glass noodles to consume, high frequency consumption and leisure snacks. The sales volume in The Chinese market is rising rapidly at an annual rate of more than 30%, and gradually replacing part of instant noodles. Glass noodles can to make all kinds of hot and sour glass noodles, self-heated pot and other hot products, which are deeply loved by consumers and continue to buy again. Many well-known enterprises in the food industry and snack industry have also begun to discover this trend and business opportunities, and develop their own instant glass noodles products, as an important food to replace instant noodles in the future.Get ahead of the game. Instant glass noodles products, is booming momentum, occupy more and more market, the prospect is unlimited.

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