Conveying Screw Element

The main function of the conveying screw element is to help the material forward in the cylinder, and it will determine the conveying speed according to the size of the lead. The larger the lead, the faster the conveying speed. Conversely, the smaller the lead, the slower the conveying speed. Conveying elements can be divided into kneading elements and non-kneading elements. kneading and non-kneading can be selected according to the shape of the material.

Screw Element Manufacturer

Extruder Screw Dimensions

φ20 mm ~φ300 mm

Extruder Screw Elements Properties:

Wear-resisting, Corrode-resisting, Durable

Introduction to Extruder Screw for Sale

The conveying element screwis a self-sweeping type extruder screw component, open longitudinally and closed laterally, which has strong conveying effect. Short material residence time and good self-cleaning property enable it to establish high pressure within a short axial distance.

The conveying screw component is mainly a thread structure, and its function is to convey the material and give the material a certain thrust so that the material can overcome the resistance encountered in the flow channel. Conveying screw elements are currently the most popular extruder screw elements, with a strong transport function, short residence time and good self-cleaning properties.

Lesun can supply standard conveying screw componentsfor many overseas extruder brands like Coperion, Leistritz, Berstorff, Toshiba, JSW, Kobe, APV, Maris etc.

Processing Characteristics of LESUN Extrusion Screw for Sale:

Contamination in a continuous process like extrusion can take a profitable piece of business to un-profitable in no time at all. So cleaning is very important. Take a look at extruder screw cleaning and processes, it will help a lot!

As a professional screw and barrel manufacturer, Lesunprovides extruder components, compound screw, twin screw elementsand more. Contact us to buy extruder screwor know extruder screw price.

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