T1-10L Black Hawk

In the International Forum on the Development of the 2018 Civil Unmanned Aerial Drone, according to the deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration, agriculture drone will take the lead in realizing the popularization of the industry. According to this policy plan, the plant protection market will usher in a big outbreak this year. The spring of agriculture drone is coming.Li Jian said, according to the forecast, in 2017 to 2021, the scale of the unmanned aerial drone market in China will grow at a rate of 30% every year. By 2022, the initial industry popularization will be achieved in the field of agricultural production and entertainment. Zhu Tao, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration, said that recently he had been informed by the ministry of agriculture that the agriculture drone will be promoted nationwide, starting from next year. This means that from next year, all the human-machine users in the plant protection market will basically die out, and they will all be replaced by agriculture drone.The big news is now known by almost all insiders. The industry is expecting to see a great explosion in the field of plant protection in the field ofagriculture drone, and there is a huge financing for plant protection enterprises. However, it may be a "commonplace" thing, linking to the provisions about agriculture drone of the Interim Regulations on flight management on unmanned aircraft issued by the Civil Aviation Administration in January 26th of this year ( (draft for comment)for the unmanned aerial vehicle.At the beginning of this year, the Civil Aviation Administration issued the Interim Regulations on unmanned aircraft (draft for comment). According to the size of operational risk, civil aerial drone has been clearly divided into miniature, light, small, medium and large. According to its classification, most of the agriculture drones are light and small, and only need to register with the civil aviation management institutions. The agriculture drone is a special type, and its suitable flying airspace is located in the airspace of light aerial drone. It is more than 30 meters high, and it is above the agricultural and forestry area. Becauseofthe low altitude, and it is in the field and other intervals, there is no need to do airworthiness certification. The thirty-seventh article of the Provisional Regulations stipulates that "light, plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles are flying in the corresponding flying airspace, and there is no need to apply for flight plans, but it is necessary to submit dynamic information to the integrated regulatory platform in real time."The "Temporary Provision" that has already completed the collection of opinions has been fully reflected in the "care" of the field of plant protection, the leadership of the Civil Aviation Administration said at the meeting. That means in the field of plant protection comprehensive promotion droneswillbereal hammerednext year.This is a rare opportunity for plant protection enterprises.

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T1-10L Black Hawk

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Agriculture Spraying Drone T1-10L Naza

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