Hand-held Pesticide Residue Meter

Model: NY-1D

This Handheld Pesticide Residue Test is portable, compact size and convenient to carry, adopts enzyme value method and shows the result of value. The pesticide residue is out of limits if 50% is positive, the higher of the value, the greater of the amount of residue.

Principle of Instrument

This Pesticide Residue Rapid Test is based on cholinesterase hydrolyzing acetylcholine. Its hydrolysate impacts DTMB, forming the yellow coupling things. Organophosphate pesticide can control enzyme. The changes of absorption value can show the degree of controlled enzyme and then reflect the pesticide residue in samples.

Area of Application
Detect products: agricultural and sideline products, daily food, seafood and its products and so on.
Detect object: rapid quantitative testing of organophosphate and carbamate pesticide residues.
Applicable units: departments of industry and commerce, hygiene, quality supervision, agriculture, trade and so on; trade markets,supermarkets, wholesale markets for agricultural products, hotels, large dining rooms, bases for agricultural production and so on.
•Without any calculating, showing the inspection result automatically. •Supporting storage of 500 records and transmission of USB. •Through testing of enzyme inhibition method. •Storing supplementary reagent in the refrigerator of 4°C-6°C, low cost. •Using half permanent light source, long life. •Exquisite design, easy to carry.

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