BeVision D2

Dynamic Image Particle Analyzer with Dry Dispersion

The BeVision D2 particle image analyzer(particle shape analyzer) is a microscopic image particle size and particle shape analyzer for non-destructive measurement of coarse particles and millimeter range powder materials. BeVision D2 particle size analyzer's high speed CCD camera and multi-threaded software quickly identify particles and obtains stable and accurate measurement results.

Measurement type: particle shape; dynamic image analysis particle sizeParticle size range:

Dry: 30µm to 10000µm

Dry dispersion;

Technology: Automated Imaging


Features and Benefits:

● Measuring range: 30 - 10,000 µm (dry)

● Magnification: 9-300 times

● Repeatability: ≤1% (GBRM D50)

● Accuracy: ≤1% (GBRM D50)

● Optimized software: Identify 10,000 particles per minute. Automatic recognition of agglomerated powder .

● Analysis parameters: Particle size distribution, typical value, maximum particle size, D100, particle shape, aspect ratio, circularity and radius-thickness ratio.

● High-speed CCD camera: 120 images per second, microsecond exposure time, avoid trailing in moving particles .

● Sampler: Dry sampler using electromagnetic vibration feed, gravitydriven dispersion, suitable for coarse and agglomerated particles.


Dry dispersion provided by BeVision D2 particle size analyser makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications.

Use the scale to verify accuracy and convert the pixel to actual size during the test and analysis. Ensure the results are accurate and reliable.

The main purpose of the function is to filter agglomerate or adhesive particles, in order to avoid that test result is affected. Connected particles refer to agglomerate particles forming by two or more than two adhesive particles. The feature of connected particles is that there is sunken area in particle image. Through judging the size, depth and angle of the sunken area, connected particles can be recognized.

The dry system adopts electromagnetic vibration feeding, gravity-driven dispersion, which ensures sampling is uniform and continuous.

Dry method: Applies to analyze granular samples between 30 um to 10 mm, such as salt, sugar, plastic products, catalyst, abrasive, carbon products, sand, coal, coffee, refractory, food, polystyrene, glass, ceramics, fertilizer, medicine, ore, etc.

Adopts high-speed CCD camera-120 images per second, microsecond exposure time, avoid trailing phenomenon in moving particle. More than 10 thousand particles could be analyzed per minute by the special image processing software. During the process of free falling of particles, shoot particle images which pass the lens randomly. Meanwhile, software quickly recognizes and processes particles, and screen displays images, particle size and particle shape data for each particle in real time. As it adopts high-speed CCD that can reach 100frame/min, thousands of particles can be shot and processed per minute, and image process software can recognize and extract adhesive particles automatically. These technologies improve analysis speed, precision and accuracy of particle image greatly.





































At Bettersize, our mission is to provide best-in-class particle sizing and characterization instruments, comprehensive solutions and exceptional customer services. We provide particle size instrument, particle size image analysis software, laser particle sizingand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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