Pomegranate Extract

As your dedicated supplier, Ace Biotechnology's Wholesale Pomegranate Extractis a premium botanical ingredient that embodies the essence of health and vitality. Punica granatum L. is a tree belonging to the Punicaceae family grown in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, the USA and China. Pomegranate fruit extract is popular, especially the punicalagin is claimed to have antibacterial, anticancer, antioxidant, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory properties. Recent reports also showed its potential use in the treatments of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Basic Information of Wholesale ACE Biotechnology Pomegranate Extract

Product Name: Pomegranate Extract

Botanical Name

:Punica Granatum L.

Used Plant Part: Peel

Appearance: Fine Brown Powder

Active Ingredients: Punicalagins

Application: Function Food, Animal Feed, Dietary Supplement

Certification and Qualification: Non-GMO, Vegan, HALAL, KOSHER.

Bulk Pomegranate Fruit Extract Available Specification

Pomegranate Extract Punicalagins 20%

Pomegranate Extract Punicalagins 30%

Pomegranate Extract Punicalagins 40%


Wholesale Pomegranate Extract Benefits

Wholesale Pomegranate Extract Benefits

Anti-oxidant and anti-cancer

Punicalagin is a polymer compound of ellagic acid. Because it contains a glycosyl group, it has good water solubility and is easily absorbed by the human body. After entering the human body from the stomach, it is degraded to form ellagic acid to exert its anti-cancer and antioxidant effects.

Wholesale Pomegranate Extract Benefits

Help to treat diarrhea

Pomegranate peel can also be used for chronic diarrhea, bacillary dysentery, and diarrhea caused by indigestion.

Wholesale Pomegranate Extract Benefits

Good for skin

Because of its healing properties, pomegranate peels can effectively fight acne, pimples and rashes. Pomegranate peel has a good inhibitory effect on various germs and skin fungi. It can also prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging and act as a natural moisturizer and an effective facial scrub.

Ace Biotechnology - China Pomegranate Extract Juice Powder Suppliers

Ace Biotechnology is a reputable pomegranate extract supplier, specializing in providing premium extracts derived from the renowned pomegranate fruit. With a deep understanding of the potential health benefits and rich bioactive compounds found in pomegranates, Ace Biotechnology is dedicated to delivering top-notch pomegranate extract wholesale to various industries. We work closely with experienced growers who cultivate pomegranate trees using sustainable and organic farming practices. Using advanced extraction techniques, Ace Biotechnology carefully extracts the potent antioxidants and phytochemicals from pomegranate fruit while preserving their quality and effectiveness. Our wholesale pomegranate extract is known for its exceptional purity and potency, making it a valuable ingredient for dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages, and skincare products. With a strong commitment to quality control, Ace Biotechnology ensures that each batch of pomegranate extract meets stringent standards for safety, purity, and consistency. As a trusted China pomegranate fruit extract supplier, we offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients. With Ace Biotechnology's pomegranate fruit extract, businesses can confidently incorporate the remarkable health benefits of pomegranates into our products.

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