Self Ordering / Vending Machine

As a bridge between people and technology, self vending machine provides both advertising and also the purchasing method, thus a way to proof strength of a company and it's products.

Why Choose Champion Self Vending Machine

1.Self service vending kiosk can work 7*24 hours without time limitation, and also with almost no labor cost. By installing a Champion self service vending machine can bring profit to you from both costing saving and sales increasing.

2.For many scenarios people can use vending machine to get things they need immediately in Metro Station, Airport, Shopping center etc. Bringing convenience to customers and also profit to the installer.

3.Champion design it's own vending machine with many new technologies such like Face ID to pay, together with scanner for ID card, QR code etc. By implementing new technology vending machine becoming more and more common used and popular in daily life, with different products sold, such like water vending machine, snack vending machine, coffee vending machine and so on.

4.With 14 years ODM / OEM experience in LCD field, Champion always leading the trend for new vending machine design by using new China custom LCD display technology in the field with scenario design concept for customers all around the world.

Specification of Self Ordering Machine / Vending Machine

As a digital display supplier, we can offer kinds of related products for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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