Successful installation of self-drilling anchor depends on selection of the most suitable drill bit

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With the amount of new construction happening around the world ,and the use of Self drilling anchors  will likely increase with the new,
innovative designs.Self drilling anchors are made from a variety of types and grades of steel to suffice for the abundance of applications
.Use of the Sinorock’s self drilling anchor system for the Stabilization of your construction.
A successful installation of the self-drilling anchor system (SDA) depends on the selection of the most suitable drill bit. Compared to
conventional drill bit types offered globally for maximum standing performance for rock or soil, the criteria for SDA drill bits are
defined by consideration of the following factors: High quality for a limited service life, „ Installed Sinorock SDA length, „ Geology, „
„Whether you’re in need of tunnel repair or other foundation repair.Sinorock has covered with the best self-drilling anchor systems
available.Sinorock is a proud partner of the highest quality brands in self-drilling anchor systems for foundation repair. Our extensive
relationship with all of our certified brands, from AB Chance to Hydraway, affords our clients access to the most elite and exclusive
products and requisite services.
Sinorock is a leading name in the world of self drilling bolt system,has been assisting the economy in the area of
mining,tunneling,hydroelectric and civil construction.Growing with these indrustries,today forms an industry managing two factory,one
located in luoyang,another located in changzhou.
We are making effects to provide perfect anchoring system and services for our customers. Also we offer the safe, timely, cost-effective
and innovative solutions for many ground engineering and construction projects.


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