BW1200/7 Horizontal Double Cylinder Reciprocating Double Acting Piston Pump

BW1200/7 slurry pump is horizontal double cylinder reciprocating double action piston pump.

The power has electric driving and diesel driving. It also can use hydraulic motor to drive. Customer can choose before ordering.

It is applicable for 1500 meters water well drilling, core drilling and clear-out service for oil well, as well as pumping slurry to the pump station for oil well drilling.

BW1200/7 mud pump can realize to change discharge volume and pressure by using different size cylinder sleeves.

Advanced product design,reasonable structure, high pressure, flow,multi-file variable, energy saving, light volume, efficiency, plant life, safe operation, easy maintenance.

Features of BW1200/7 Horizontal Double Cylinder Reciprocating Double Acting Piston Pump:

Theoretical displacement of the pump: In a unit time, the volume of the medium discharged by the mud pump is called the theoretical average displacement of the pump, which is referred to as the theoretical displacement of the pump, expressed as Q. The larger the diameter of the hole, the larger the displacement required.

The working pressure of the pump: the liquid force on the unit area of the pump discharge, referred to as pump pressure, expressed in p. The nature of the rinsing fluid, the resistance encountered, and the depth of the borehole can all affect the pressure of the mud pump.

Pump rated power and efficiency: The energy transmitted by the power machine to the drive shaft per unit time is called the input power of the pump; the input power when the pump works and the rated stroke is called the rated power of the pump, expressed as N. The energy added by the liquid per unit time is called the effective power, also called the water power. It is expressed by Nr. The efficiency of the pump is the ratio of the effective power to the input power.

Application of BW1200/7 Horizontal Double Cylinder Reciprocating Double Acting Piston Pump:

Projects: Construction drilling e.g. prospection, geotechnical investigation(geological exploring),tunnel, well etc.

Exploration: Coal mining exploration, Ore exploration;

Water well: Small hole diameter water well drilling;

Pipe-installing: Geothermal pipe-installing for heat pump;

Foundation piling: Small-diameter hole foundation piling drilling.

Technical Specifications of BW1200/7 Horizontal Double Cylinder

Reciprocating Double Acting Piston Pump:


Horizontal double cylinder reciprocating double action piston pump

Cylinder diameter(mm)




Pump speed(Time/min)











Shape size(mm)




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