Wire Mesh Bending Machine

Wire Mesh Bending MachineMB3000

TECHNICAL DATA Working width 3,000[mm]Bending Number 30 pcs Bending Speed 30[° s]Bending Angle 0-180°Min Gap of Line Wires 50Wire Mesh Bending Machine MB3000

Wire Mesh Bending MachineMB6000

TECHNICAL DATA: Working width:6,000[mm] Bending Number:60 pcs BendingSpeed:30[° s] Bending Angle:0-180° Min Gap of Line

TJK is one of professional wire mesh welding machine manufacturers, we provide bending welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh bender, mesh bender, wire mesh bender for sale, bending machine made in chinaand etc. Want to know how to bend wire meshand how to bend steel mesh? Please contact us.

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