Cassava Starch Extraction Machine

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Features of Cassava Starch Extraction Machine

Processing Capacity: 15-35Tons/hourApplication Scope: Crushing the cassava into the slurryProduct Introduction: Cassava rasper machine, rasper crusher, cassava crusher machine, cassava crushing machine for cassava starch and cassava flour processing1. All parts in contact with raw material are made of food-grade stainless steel, which protects materials from outer pollution.2. High rotating speed, high line speed, excellent rasping performance, uniform particle, and high starch ionization rate.3. The rotor is calibrated with the international advanced dynamic-balance instrument, meeting the G1 standard.4. Components(bearings for example) are imported from Europe with longer service life.5. Unique sieve-tension gear makes disassembly easy.6. Saw Blade is manufactured with special steel by the special process, with higher hardness and wear resistance.7. Rasping bulk is cast of high-chromium iron, hardness reaching HRC60, having excellent wear resistance.8. Unique drum groove and layering instrument design benefits saw blade changing.

Product Structure of Cassava Starch Extraction Machine

The complete machine consists of a rotor, rasping blade, engine base, upper cover, side cover, bearing base, gearing, motor, etc.1. Engine base props up all components, which rotor and bearings are all fixed on.2. The rotor is made of special stainless steel, uniform grooves on the surface to install saw blade.3. Saw blade is comprised of 2 stainless-steel layer with locating pin and a saw blade.4. 2 combined rasping blade is equipped on both sides of the rotor, which could achieve rotor two-way rotating and crests higher crushing rate.5. A sieve is equipped between rasping blades, which is tensioned by two sets of tensioning instruments.6. For easy operation, upper shell divides into two parts, upper cover, and side cover.7. Use Sweden SKF Bearings and German opittle belt.8. The motor drives rotor by the belt, which is protected by the sealed protective cover.

Technical Parameters of Cassava Starch Extraction Machine

Model No.




Rotating Speed(r/min)




Rotor Width(mm)




Motor Power(kW)
















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