Round Duct Lock Forming Machine

Product Description

Round Duct Lock Forming Machine Performance Features:


Max thickness(mm)













Locking machine is necessary for duct area because it can produce all kinds of types to meet locking requirements, and it combines with 3-roller forming machine and round duct grooving machine to produce the duct which is of standard appearance and reliable quality. A standard machine can process 0.5-1.5mm galvanized sheet metal, and our company would specially introduce high-strength rolling reels made of GCr15, a kind of steel which prolongs the machine life by more than 5 times and improve the efficiency dramatically. Round duct lock forming machine(namely windlass bone machine) is the most general traditional wind tube manufacture machinery, the customer may according to needs to change must roll over the windlass, achieved one machine many energy, the many kinds of coordination, the compatibility is extremely broad. This machine weight light, the migration is convenient, most suits the scene construction, However, our products have been improved based on the traditional production, and more customer-oriented, having stepped into the automatic alteration over different functions, which can totally get rid of the trouble in the manual change of rollers. The only problem for you is to decide which roller to choose. With the unique design of bending part and the endurable alloy-rollers, it can save the working space and guarantee its lifetime. Besides, our products have combined several functions to maximize the working efficiency, and have been installed with high-strength and endurable needle-alike rolling bearings, which can greatly ensure the precision and accuracy .during the working process. With the reasonable weight, the convenience of movement and the adaption to different working environments, our products have found great popularity in the international market. We have high-quality requirements for ourselves. All of our mechanical parts are using the highest quality brand suppliers to ensure the stability and quality of our products. We will customize the model according to the guest's requirement. Meeting the needs of our guests is our first goal, and the goal we are constantly working on.

Round Duct Lock Forming Machine Basic Configuration:

One motor

One electronic box

One electric control system

Four pulley

Anhui BLKMA heavy industry machinery Co.,ltd. is located in the center of China's machine tool industry, Ma'anShan BoWang District Dongcheng Industrial Park. We provide CNC Angle Steel Production Line, Duplex Flange Forming Machine, heavy industrial machinery, lockformer sheet metal equipment, lockformer machine, spiral tubeformerand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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