BeDensi T Pro Series

The BeDensi T Pro Series with up to 3 workstations excels at intuitive operation while complying with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP <616>), European Pharmacopeia (EP2.9.34), ASTM and ISO. This tap density analyzer, tap density meter consists of the main body, control panel, graduated cylinders and embedded mini printer. It has adjustable tapping frequency and numbers. In addition, the drop height (3 or 14 mm) and cylinder types (25, 100 and 250 ml) are also available according to different requirements. The BeDensi T Pro Series is the ideal tester to determine the tapped density of different powders in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, metallic powders and compounds, chemistry, batteries, food and beverage, carbon and ceramics.

1) Compliance (USP/EP/ISO/ASTM)
2) Easy to use
3) Up to three workstations
4) Wallet-friendly

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