TP566 contractor wheelbarrowfeature a full 7cuft capacity seamless steel tray with reinforced tray edges, extra brace support, extra-long treated hardwood handles, premium hardware and heavy-duty steel undercarriage – providing the maximum durability and strength.

TP566 Contractor wheelbarrow Overview

Heavy duty seamless steel tray for easy clean and no holes to cause leakage

Accurate and easy pouring tray design

Steel-reinforced tray edges increase strength and reduce deformation

The powder coating tray resists chipping, fading, scratching and wearing

Extra-long hardwood handles provide excellent leverage

The sturdy wheel rolls smoothly over varied terrain, even under load. Robust and lightweight poly hub and rugged pattern excellent for duty use

Solid precision machining axle for longevity use, top-quality roller bearings for smooth maintenance-free operation

Limited 5 years warranty against manufacturer's defects

TP566 Contractor wheelbarrow Specification and Features

Load capacity: 7cuft, 198L, 272kg

Steel tray with powder coating

16'' × 4.00-8 Air wheel

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