Diamond Cup Brush

Diamond cup brushis a very special type of cup brush. It's suitable for relatively fine grinding. With a soft cutting ability, a diamond wire cup brush can deal with small burrs on the surface of the workpiece, as well as clean the rusts without damaging the workpiece itself. At the same time, compared with the wire type cup brush, diamond cup brush has longer service life because it is not easy for a diamond stainless steel wire cup brush to wear and tear. Of course, the price can be higher. We also provide custom diamond coated wire cup brushservice. Customers can choose according to their own needs for the brush material and silicon carbide, alumina, and other abrasive wire to achieve the effects they want. But we suggest the use of the corresponding mesh abrasive wire.

Technical information of diamond cup brush

Product Name

Longguang Diamond Cup Brush


Industrial Grade

Blade Width

Customized support


Brush Material

Diamond Fiber


Recommended RPM




Longguang diamond cup brush Features

Diamond fiber cup brush have high polishing accuracy,suitable for precision workpiece polishing, no damage to the workpiece.

Diamond powder is added to the fiber, the product has a very long service life,unit processing costs can be greatly reduced.

Materials that can be worked by diamond cup brush



Nickel-based alloy

Stainless Steel



High-temperature resistant materials

As an industrial brushwarecompany, Longguang industrial brushware ltd always adhere to the concept of quality first and customers first, consistently providing customers with technical solutions and products. Looking forward to providing you with quality industrial brushware services and establishing long-term cooperative relations.

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