Isomerization System

Isomerization Definition

HVD-IS-Q isomerisation unitsystem is the system applied isomerization reaction mechanism that produces fructose 42 from qualified glucose solution under the isomerisation catalyst.

Isomerization reaction in glycolys is normal in refinery.

HVD-IS-Q isomerization system adopts PLC control, automatic operation can continuously convert glucose liquid into F42 fructose syrup, namely mixed sugar liquid with fructose (42% content) and glucose (58% content).

During the operation of the isomerization system, the temp., PH, flow rate, and system press, the catalytic catalyst used in isomerization processhave a great influence on the formation of fructose. In order to obtain qualified F42 fructose, we carried out automatic control of temp, PH, and flow of the whole isomerisation system in glycolysis, and real-time monitoring of isomerisation processon the computer screen. We only need to set the corresponding temp, flow, and PH on the control computer to obtain the corresponding content of the fructose solution.

Features of Isomerization System

Easy to install and save equipment compared with traditional equipment.

High operation accuracy, high speed, and high efficiency. Use control instruments for operation control to ensure accurate and high-quality products.

PLC operation is convenient and production is stable.

HongVadar relies on professional design, strict production management, the fine processing procedure, provides high efficiency and energy-saving equipment system for the customer. The isomerization plant has passed the international ISO9001 quality system certification, and with the design and manufacturing capacity of pressure vessels. Customers can choose international ISO, EU CE, and other standards for equipment design and production according to their needs.

Isomerization System Technical Parameter

If you want to know more details of isomerization process in refinery pptand isomerisation in glycolysis, please visit our website.

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