Liquefaction System

HVD-LF-Q liquefaction and reliquefaction systemdescription: Starch milk from the starch production line is adjusted to meet the optimal working requirements for liquefaction. Add the high-temperature resistant α-amylase required for the starch liquefaction. Under the efficient shearing action of the jet cooker, the starch multi-branched chain was instantly opened to generate monosaccharides or polysaccharides. After a certain maintenance time, the starch milk was completely liquefied to meet the different DE value requirements for the production.

Features of Liquefaction System

High efficiency and high conversion rate.

Automatic intelligent control, stable production, and low labor cost.

Better flocculation effect of the protein, which is conducive to the subsequent process and the separation of the protein.

HongVadar relies on professional design, strict production management, the fine processing procedure, provides high efficiency and energy-saving liquefaction equipmentfor the customer. The liquefaction and reliquefaction planthas passed the international ISO9001 quality system certification, and with the design and manufacturing capacity of pressure vessels. Customers can choose international ISO, EU CE, and other standards for equipment design and production according to their needs.

Liquefaction System Technical Parameter

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