Spray gun paint cup
Spray gun paint cup is a metal cup with sharp edges and can rotate at high speed.

Spray China spray paint cupsis connected to the negative DC high-voltage, and the workpiece being sprayed is connected to the positive pole, so a high-voltage electrostatic field is formed between the spinning cup and the workpiece, when the paint is sent to the inner wall of the spinning cup at high speed, the paint is spread along the inner wall of the spinning cup by centrifugal force and flows into a uniform film to the mouth of the spinning cup, and the paint flowing to the mouth of the spinning cup is dispersed by the strong electric field force. Further atomization into paint particles, in the space between the spinning cup and the workpiece to form a certain shape of negatively charged paint mist, while by the workpiece (positive) attraction deposited on the workpiece to complete electrostatic spraying.

In the spraying process, the workpiece is hung on the conveyor chain, the paint mist is not only attracted by the workpiece and deposited, but also part of the paint mist is attracted by the conveyor chain to fly on the conveyor chain, so that the conveyor chain is full of paint, and dripping under the action of gravity on the workpiece hanging below to form a paint pile, flow marks, not only wasted paint, but also affect the quality of the appearance of the workpiece, a little longer, but also by the clampers with a flat shovel will have dried on the conveyor chain In order to solve these problems, we have adopted the method of adding the pole needle on the spray gun to solve the problem better, and it has been tested by the main production in the past two years.

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