7CF® The product is aerosol all purpose anti rust lubricant that quickly cleans, penetrates, lubricates and protects against corrosion. Anti-rust Lubricant spraystops squeals, loosens rusted parts and displaces moisture.

All purpose anti rust lubricant usescan effectively isolate moisture and other corrosive substances from contacting the surface of the material, thereby anti corrosion lubricant spray could avoid metal factors from oxidizing and rusting. All purpose anti rust lubricant has good infiltration and penetration performance, which can infiltrate rust and glue, and can be used to loosen rust and remove residues of double-sided tape Smudges, etc. Anti rust lubricant sprayhas strong lubricating properties, lubricating movable machinery and parts.


Free rusted part

Lubricates & Protects: all purpose anti rust lubricantcan lubricate and protect metal surfaces

Stoping Squeaks

Displacing Moisture: Form protective film to isolate moisture and other corrosives

Preventing oxidation and rusting: the anti corrosion lubricant spray is perfectly capable of getting rid of rusting

Cleaning and dissolving grease, dirt, etc

Fast acting & Multi-function: all purpose anti rust lubricant product lubricates, protects, displaces moisture, and cleans

Helping prevent water seepage, moisture, condensation or corrosion caused by water vapor Electrical failure; restore impedance value and prevent leakage

Sealing: The formed ultra-thin continuous oil film can produce good sealing performance, prevent harmful moisture from entering, so as to achieve the effect of preventing rust and improving the life and performance of the equipment

Ensuring plastic safety: all purpose anti rust lubricantcan be used in various occasions without damaging sophisticated modern plastic products

Good chemical stability: non-conductive, non-corrosive


Precision parts: electrical contact points, steel parts, highly sensitive components, machinery, ordnance, power tools, and precision instruments, etc

Eases disassembly of mechanical equipment, fittings and fixtures,rusted and frozen metals, such as bolts, nuts, hinges, exhaust clamps, fishing reels, wet engines, seat slides, door locks, clocks, bicycle for routine maintenance and emergency repairs

Anti rust lubricant spray usein:


Agricultural equipment

Household items

Plumbing fixtures

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