Temperature Humidity Chamber

Temperature and humidity test chambers(also called climatic test chambers or humidity and temperature controlled test chamber) simulate and provide different natural environments like high temperature, low temperature, moisture, cold, hot for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling and accelerated stress testing on product. Temperature humidity environmental chamberis suitable for testing the quality of products such as electronics, electrical appliances, mobile s, communications, meters, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical care, and aerospace.

The humidity and temperature control chambers can be used as a basic reference for the quality analysis and control of product, which is very necessary for research and development. Temperature humidity chamber includes constant temperature humidity chamber, rapid rate temperature cycling test chamber. The chamber can also be used to test high and low temperature. If you are looking for high and low temperature test chamber, it's your ideal choice! Different industry has different requirement of temperature humidity range and temperature cycling speed. Yuanyao provides different chamber design like desktop, standing type, 3 layers type. Yuanyao is one of the well-known climatic test chamber manufacturersand humidity test chamber suppliers, and any special requirement is welcomed, please contact us for temperature humidity test chambers with good price/cost, choose us!

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Guangdong Yuanyao Test Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional environmental test chambers manufacturers, we provide temperature chamber china, environmental stress screening chamber, ess test chambers, ess test chamber, environmental chamber china, temperature humidity chamberand etc. Want to know the temperature test chamber price? Please contact us.

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