Thermal Shock Chamber

thermal shock chamber chinaperform tailored environmental stress screening of component and board electronic assemblies. Thermal shock test chambers is used to detect the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in the shortest time. Thermal shock is divided into air to air type thermal shock and liquid to liquid thermal shock. Air to air type thermal shock test chamber is more popular.

Air type thermal chambers can be divided into three-zone type and two-zone type thermal shock tester according to test requirements and test standards. The difference lies in the test method and internal structure. Three-zone type thermal cycle test chamberis divided into a cold storage room, a heat storage room and a test room.

Testing Processes of Thermal Shock Test Chambers

Your product is placed in the test room during testing.

The two-box type temperature shock chamberis divided into a high-temperature room and a low-temperature room.

The motor drives the basket to switch between high and low temperatures. The product is placed in the basket and moves with the basket.

The liquid to liquid type thermal shock chamberis mainly for PCB test.

The induced thermal stresses in the chamber can reveal hidden manufacturing defects in electronic sub-assemblies and other components by the expansion and contraction of critical parts.

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