Particle Board Production Line

Rotecho’s particleboard plant uses mature technology to recycle waste wood into valued wood based panel board which has widely application and good market prospect.

Raw material application:Small logs, tree branches, sawdust, wood chips, timber residue, log off-cuts, plywood trimmings, old board, sugarcane waste, straw, cotton stalk etc.

Particleboard:Affordable, environmental, flexible application, smooth surface, compact structure etc.

Working efficiency: m³ yearly productivity.

NOTE:We supply single machine, whole production line and turn-key solutions.


Particleboard production line develops to make an engineered wood board that are made from small chips and sawdust with resin together and firmly pressing.

This completer particle board production linestart off with raw material preparation----through drying, glue blending, pressing, trimming & sanding----end up with qualified wood board, ready for veneering. Rotecho provide exact proposal for new particleboard line and retrofitting your existing facilities.


  1. Automatic design to reduce labor cost and energy consumption.
  2. Dryer developed by Rotecho breakthrough the capacity limit to greatly increase the drying efficiency and make the drying effect better.
  3. High precision batching system can weight wood materials, glue and other additive automatically, the redundant will be remove to next batch, which save the material and glue consumption.
  4. Adopts advanced mechanical and airflow technology in the forming process, which make the board surface smooth, increase the forming accuracy greatly (within 3.5% ).
  5. In electrical control system, Rotecho’s design use bus technical to set, operation, monitor , record the process parameter and running state by soft ware to ensure stable and reliable.

Thanks to 22 years' experience in manufacturing industrial and the incessant technological research aimed at improving and perfecting productive processes have stimulated Rotecho to step forward constantly, to the point of becoming a leader in the industry of industrial recycling machines.RFQ today!

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