Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

Paper slitting and rewinding machineis used to slit the big paper rolls into small paper rolls , then rewind them. The hydraulic shaftless paper holder automatically loads and unloads the original paper (tray), which is easy to operate the paper slitting rewinding machine. Equipped with rubber arc-shaped sticks, the paper tray will automatically peel off after slitting, no need to beat. The external winding structure ensures that the paper tray is strong and compact after slitting, and the tension of the tube is correspondingly increased. As the one of slitting rewinding machine manufacturers, we would optimize the brake system control device to make the data accurate and stable during operation adjustment. Excellent cutters and structure ensure high precision of the paper tape of the slitting paper tray.

Application Of Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

A paper-slitting rewinding machine is used for cutting paper rolls before making paper corners. Cut base paper roll and reroll it to the required width.

Paper slitting rewinding machine to the whole roll or the whole sheet of raw materials for fixed-length slitting processing, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel sheets, film, leather, wood chips, etc. for slitting and processing, are used for fixed-length slitting control.

Slitter fixed-length slitting control is divided into static and dynamic slitting two: in the set, length to arrive at the exact stop, and then static slitting processing, slitting after restarting the operation; in the set length to arrive, without stopping the slitting signal, paper slitting rewinding machine in the raw material movement process dynamic slitting processing.

SAN Machineryis willing to provide you professional services wholeheartedly and trustworthy and high-efficiency products. To guarantee machine quality, we are managing our factory and producing machines as per CE certification and SGS system. We are pleased to inform you that we have been working with many big companies and more than 120 customers in Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Africa.

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