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Cocoa black powderis a heavily black alkalized cocoa powderwith pH 8.0 to 9.0 or higher that its color turns brownish black or nearly jet black cocoa powder. The deep black cocoa powderhas less noticeable cocoa taste and flavor in comparison with natural or other Dutch-processed cocoa powders.

This super black colour is achieved by heavier alkalizing and no food colors have been used to create it. This means that dark black cocoa powderis amazing natural colouring agent, and is perfect for people with food allergies.



Black Alkalized Cocoa Powder

Jet Black Cocoa Powder


The black chocolate powderis often used in wafer-type cookies like those for ice cream sandwiches or in chocolate sandwich cookies. The most well-know food product of black alkalized cocoa powder is “Oreo” sandwich cookies.

If you've ever wondered what makes Oreo cookies so dark in color they're almost black, the answer is black cocoa powder.Contact with Skyswanfor bulk cocoa powder

How Do you Bake with Black Cocoa Powder

The main thing you need to remember is that always stick with the type of cocoa called for in that recipe. Otherwise, it may result in a flat cake and sunken cupcakes. Black cocoa powder (as well as normal dutch cocoa powder) won’t react with baking soda to help your cake rise.

Another important thing to remember, when baking with black cocoa powder, is the fact that the processing makes black cocoa powder almost fat-free. So when baking, it’s always best to combine it with natural or regular dutch cocoa powder, so your baking stays nice and moist.

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